Research highlights

Enhanced Photocurrent and Electrically Pumped Quantum Dot Emission from Single Plasmonic Nanoantennas

January 12, 2024

In a realm where light and matter intertwine at the nanoscale, our research explores a cost-effective, self-assembly approach to craft quantum dot (QD) nanoantennas that can be activated electrically.
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Molecular-Induced Chirality Transfer to Plasmonic Lattice Modes

May 17, 2023

We report on a transfer of molecular chirality to collective lattice resonances of gold nanoparticle arrays. We aim to use such transfer for spectral control of the detected signal without having to rely on complex intrinsically chiral surface nanostructures. To facilitate the design of sensors based on the technology developed in POSEIDON.
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Plasmon-Induced Trap State Emission from Single Quantum Dots

February 14, 2023

We aim to make new light sources on optical chips, based on tiny chunks of semiconductor called ‘quantum dots’. To electrically stimulate them to produce light, we connect them to special electronic contacts that also greatly speed up their light emission. We show in this work how strong light can emerge from electrons on their surfaces.
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