POSEIDON in the Acs Photonics Journal cover

A new publication on circularly polarized light from nano-emitters from POSEIDON made it to the cover of the ACS Photonics journal.

Circularly polarized light (depicted by false colours for left- and right-handedness) interacts with a hexagonal array of achiral gold nanoparticles on a substrate. Chiral riboflavin molecules embedded in a film covering the nanoparticle array transfer their chiral signature to the plasmonic lattice mode.

Molecular chirality plays fundamental roles in biology. The chiral response of a molecule occurs at a specific spectral position, determined by its molecular structure. The fingerprint can be transferred to other spectral regions via the interaction with localized surface plasmon resonances of gold nanoparticles. Publication demonstrates that molecular chirality transfer occurs also for plasmonic lattice modes, providing a very effective and tuneable means to control chirality. Numerical simulations with varying lattice parameters show circular dichroism peaks shifting along with the spectral positions of the lattice modes, corroborating the chirality transfer to these collective modes. A semi-analytical model based on the coupling of single-molecular and plasmonic resonances rationalizes this chirality transfer.

Thanks to the very nice work of our colleagues Nicolas Vogel from FAU University, Javier Aizpurua from CSIC and their teams.

Link to paper: