Women in POSEIDON Podcast- Episode 2

In the second episode, you can take a walk in the shoes of Dr Alina Muraviskaya, Belarusian postdoctoral researcher who is deeply engaged in a study of different ways of how we control lights in nanoscale at the University of Hull – Department of Physics and Mathematics.

Far from feeling excluded as a woman, Alina has been fuelled by the encouragement of those around her to excel in her talents. The importance of having a supportive community is evident in her story. As you will listen, you will discover the sources of her confidence and ease.

We also discussed about mental health and how she copes with such hyper-competitive environment with its ‘publish or perish’ culture and a lack of job security. Listen to her journey that unlocks hidden misconception of science.

👉 https://open.spotify.com/show/5aOxF8xC9yAQTRuUiKig1Y

❗ “In Her Shoes” podcast, uncovers the journey and life of women in science 👩‍🔬 and it is hosted by Jana Mwangi. This episode was produced by AMIRES with the support of the POSEIDON nanophotonics project.